Terex HyPower SmartPTO

Electric Hybrid Solution

Terex Utilities HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec


The Terex Hypower Smart PTO by Viatec, is a simple and reliable plug-in electric power take-off (PTO) solution. With simple connections to the hydraulic system, the SmartPTO electrically powers all the hydraulic functions of the utility truck – from the outriggers to the boom, jib and winch of the aerial device or boom functions of a digger derrick. The HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec also provides battery power to the chassis allowing auxiliary applications such as lighting and in cab HVAC to operate while the truck engine is off.


The SmartPTO can be purchased as a factory install or a simple retrofit for your existing fleet. The system is easy to use with hydraulic functions that feel the same as a diesel-powered PTO - but without the noise and emissions. Our system also features valuable operator aids like two, large, highly-visible LED strips that show the battery state of charge and a digital display that provides ePTO useage, troubleshooting data, and other beneficial information.

Terex Utilities HyPower SmartPTO



The SmartPTO reliably powers all hydraulic functions on your utility truck for a full work day without having to run the engine. It can also power important auxiliary functions like bin and work lights. The conventional PTO remains available for environments like disaster recovery where charging might not be possible.


Improved Jobsite Conditions

Your crew will enjoy a healthier jobsite with a HyPower ePTO. Avoiding a loud idling engine on the jobsite can provide critical benefits by improving your crew’s ability to communicate with each other. It also reduces worker exposure to toxic exhaust fumes, and the surrounding community is sure to appreciate the reduction in noise pollution. 


Cost Savings

The SmartPTO can save you money and time on your jobsite and in the yard.

Save on Diesel

The expense of recharging the SmartPTO can be up to 95% lower than burning diesel to idle a truck on a jobsite.

Save on Maintenance

Low RPM idling causes significant wear and tear on a diesel engine. With 1 hour of idling equal approximately 25 miles of driving, using a SmartPTO can significantly reduce maintenance expenses and increase residual value.

Battery State of Charge LEDs
Different Enclosure Sizes
Two-Speed Capability
Specification Value
Product Offering Terex Hi-Ranger Aerials & Digger Derricks
Battery Type Li - NMC
Plug-in Electric Charging Standard 120V or 240V Fast Charging
Cab Comfort Standard Integrated AC, Optional Heating

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