Integrity, Compliance & Business Ethics

At Terex, we are committed to creating and maintaining an ethical business culture, based on the values embodied in The Terex Way. The Terex Way defines our essence as a company and our collective commitment to what it means to be a Terex team member. It is up to each of us to put those values into action.

Terex is an organization of high integrity. We continuously strive to delight our customers, make Terex a great place to work, perform responsibly for our shareholders, and operate as good corporate citizens. We do this by basing our everyday decisions and actions on the highest ethical standards. The ethical framework by which we operate is outlined in our Code of Ethics and Conduct: Doing It Right: The Terex Way. Our Code defines how we should conduct ourselves, both as team members and as decision-makers.  The reputation of Terex is formed by the relationships that we have with our customers, suppliers, team members, shareholders, and the communities in which we work and live. Every Terex team member is a guardian of our Company’s reputation. It is up to each of us to demonstrate uncompromising integrity and the highest ethical standards in our business conduct every day.

Because of our commitment to integrity and because we value your input, the Terex Helpline is available for you to let us know how we are doing, including confidentially reporting any conduct that may be unethical, inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise contrary to the Terex Code of Ethics and Conduct. The Terex Helpline system is administered by EthicsPoint, which is an independent third party. For more information about the Terex Helpline, visit the Terex Helpline website, or phone: +1-866-384-4277, +1-866-493-1856 or +1-877-584-8488. International dialing numbers are also available.