Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Energy Conservation

We are implementing sustainable practices at our locations because we want to contribute to a healthier planet for current and future generations. We believe that our new facilities, upgrades, and process improvements enhance energy efficiency and reduce intensity. Our teams are actively engaged in projects to decrease overall energy usage and transition to renewable energy sources.



since year 2022 from our 2019 baseline



since year 2022 from our 2019 baseline



at 10 plants as of year 2023


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification

Genie's manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico, has earned the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification from the US Green Buildings Council (USGBC).

Other Sustainability Practices

To learn more about water conservation, waste reduction, and biodiversity at Terex, please refer to our

2023 Sustainability Report.

Product Innovation and Solutions that Improve Sustainability

Terex designs products and offers solutions to our customers that lessen the demands on our planet's limited resources and support the circular economy - reducing carbon emissions, increasing waste processing, and advancing recycling and reuse of scarce resources. This will lead to a better planet, better business, and better future.


Our customers want products that operate on battery-electric and fuel-electric hybrid options. By year-end 2022, approximately 70% of MP products and Genie machines offered electric and/or hybrid options.

electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Terex is proud to be a leader in electric vehicles (EVs). In 2022, Terex was the first-to-market with an all-electric utility bucket truck. We partnered with Navistar using their International eMV electric chassis, and Viatec using their SmartPTO technology, to offer a noise- and emission-free truck. In 2023, Terex Advance followed suit, introducing a zero-emission mini-concrete mixer truck (using the same technology) to the market.

lithium ion battery

Genie Lithium-ion Battery

In October 2022, Genie introduced a
lithium-ion battery for its GS slab scissor lifts. Our lithium-ion battery has an expected lifespan of approximately 10
years, delivering the benefits of electric power while reducing one of the biggest ongoing maintenance requirements for electric lift owners — battery replacement.

Recycling and Circular Economy

Sustainability is fundamentally linked to the products produced across the MP portfolio, which not only offers solutions to recycle and repurpose waste material, but also safeguards our planet’s limited resources.


Terex Recycling Systems

In March 2023, Terex Recycling Systems (TRS) completed an installation at a UK recycling and waste management company. The installation incorporated advanced mechanical separation to increase the customer’s processing capacity and recover products of a higher purity than what was previously achieved, while not adding to manual labor requirements.

Sustainable Applications in the Aggregates Industry

Terex Washing Systems provides sustainable solutions for the minerals washing industry. Through the combination of a broad spectrum of specialized equipment, our systems use water to recover useful materials from waste.


Terex Washing Systems

The Terex Washing System’s VacRecover plant has an innovative design that enables it to process dirt slurry and transform it into saleable materials.

There is More

To learn more about our sustainability strategy, please read our 2023 sustainability report.