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MHL850 F


MHL850 F

Mobile (Pylon)

MHL850 F (Pylon)


RHL850 F

Crawler (Pylon)

RHL850 F (Pylon)


AHL850 F

Stationary (Pylon)

AHL850 F (Pylon)

Key Facts

Net Engine Power: Stage V - -
Net Engine Power: Tier 3 / Stage IIIA - -
Electric motor 132 kW 132 kW
Max. service weight without attachments max. 78,264 lbs max. 35.5 t
Reach max. 52' 5" Max 16 m


The benchmark

State-of-the-art engine technology paired with intelligent hydraulics make the MHL850 one of the fastest and most sensitive loading machines in scrap handling. Operating weight of up to 78,264  lbs, max. 52'6' meter reach and a 9'10''  undercarriage width for a particularly secure stand: this data impressively demonstrates just what the MHL850 can do. The powerful 132 kW electric motor and the high-performance hydraulics in the particularly efficient two-circuit system make it possible for loads weighing several tons to be moved effortlessly, quickly and precisely. In addition to its legendary robustness, modern technology, and maximum reliability are among the strengths of the machine.


  • Fuchs service platform enables easy access to the main components
  • Incomparable combination of performance and sensitivity
  • Fuchs Connect: Fleet management included


Fuchs electric machines

Our silent, CO2-free parts for continuous operation. Thanks to future-oriented drives with minimal heat and noise generation, our electric machines are particularly suitable for use in halls or in the vicinity of inhabited areas. Fuchs offers one of the most extensive portfolios of electrically operated material handling machines. Mobile, crawler, or stationary – everything is possible. Thanks to decades of experience and strength in innovation, our Series 8 machines are among the safest and most reliable products in the industry. The many advantages include:


  • No CO2 emissions
  • Low-noise and high-torque electric motors
  • Low heat development
  • Future-proof drive technology
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Comprehensive monitoring of network quality and machine grounding
  • 24/7 machines     
  • Generous working radius thanks to optional cable drums or power packs
  • Spacious Fuchs comfort cab