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Ranger 6-31T

Tracked Conveyor

ProStack Ranger Tracked Conveyor Thumbnail
The ProStack Ranger 6-31T Tracked Conveyor stockpiler's extra length conveyor and increased power, allows for maximum mobility and flexibility, reducing or eliminating the use of wheeled loaders on site.


The conveyor can cope with all applications, from light duty screened material, through to jaw applications. Although the conveyor is 100ft long, it still retains the ability to be transported worldwide in a 40ft container.

Specification Value
Conveyor Length 92'7" / 28.22m
Belt Width 42" / 1050mm
Max Discharge Height 43'11" / 13.1m
Transport Weight 48,060lbs / 21,800kg
Max Capacity 661 US TPH / 600 TPH

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