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T-Link with ProStack

A number of ProStack products come fitted with telematics software called T-Link that remotely monitors your machine. T-Link is available online anywhere and at any time.

Fleet Management

From the fleet management fundamentals of knowing the hours and location of your machine to sending machine specific alerts and tracking machine production, telematics can help you remotely monitor and manage your ProStack fleet. 

Monitor Performance

Telematics enable you to stay connected and keep track of your equipment, monitor work progress, manage logistics, access critical machine information, analyse and optimise machine performance and perform remote operator support.

Add Security

Geo-fencing of a machines location prevents the conveyor from operating outside of the boundaries you set. T-Link can also prevent your conveyor from operating outside of the hours you set.

Enhanced Machine Uptime

Identify issues before they cause downtime and receive enhanced dealer support with machine tracking through T-Link.