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Telson | Port Conveyors

Prostack's Range of Quarry Conveyors Featuring The Telson

The ProStack Telson Port Conveyors are designed for high and optimum efficiency when shiploading. Radial telescopic shiploading allows the equipment operator to load, trim and hatch change from one fixed  feed in point. With the feed in point staying fixed, the result is less machine movements whilst loading resulting in increased efficiency and greater reduction in the risk of demurrage penalties during the  shiploading process. Combined with hydraulic raise lower features as standard, the conveyor can transport into the vessel, complete set up, load and manoeuvre with ease.

The addition of mobility greatly increases the value of the Telson series, allowing the equipment to be rapidly deployed to the quayside and also put back into storage when the loading process is concluded. This maneuverability and small footprint allows the berth to be re-purposed when shiploading is not in operation. Telson conveyors can load, unload or stockpile within the port, making them the ideal port conveyors.

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