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T-Link Telematics Platform


Available For Models TRT 35US, TRT 80US, TRT 100US TRT 35, TRT 80, TRT 90, RT 1045, RT 1045L, RT 1070, RT 1080, TRT 35US, TRT 80US, TRT 100US

Remote control of your fleet data anytime and from anywhere via the web: optimize efficiency and reduce costs.
A wide range of realtime data and a variety of analyses are available to assess the fleet’s performance.

Cost savings and increased of productivity

In all applications.
Better management of maintenance and technical assistance
Remote monitoring delivers critical vehicle operating data and statistics. Routine maintenance can be scheduled more efficiently and unexpected issues are quickly addressed.
Fleet control
Using the Geofence function, each crane’s position is monitored, and the owner is notified in the event the crane leaves its set boundary.
Improved machine management, statistics and real-time data
A wide range of real-time operating data and fault-codes are reported to assess fleet performance. The machine’s Data logger section collects detailed machine information, such as working hours, load lifting statistics, alarm history, etc.