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Accelerating engineering with premium support


With a team of pioneers, innovators, and game-changers at the helm, we are shaping the world of software and electronics. Our passion for world-class engineering has led us to usher in a transformative future by reducing product costs. We provide end-to-end sourcing support to a wide range of clients — no matter the industry, segment, or size. Our team also works on various special projects, as per the requirement.

Our key capabilities in software and electronics

Control System Engineering

  • Control system design for hardware and software

  • Application engineering

  • Application software development

  • Control system deployment and commissioning

  • Control system migration

  • Control system integration (across platforms and applications)

  • HMI/GUI Design

  • Remote monitoring (design, configuration, and implementation)

Embedded System Engineering

  • Requirements gathering and modeling

  • System design

  • Application software development

  • Unit testing and system validation

  • Test automation, verification, and validation

  • HMI/GUI design

Embedded Product Engineering

  • Concept

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Prototype & Test

  • Certification 

  • Product

Our key capabilities in product cost reduction

Ship to Shore Crane: Weight Optimization

  • Design optimization and weight reduction

  • Force calculations for structure and FE analysis of 216 load cases

  • Structural optimization for static, fatigue, buckling, shock, and wind loads

  • 4% weight reduction from the original design (21.8 tons reduced)

Banana Link: Manufacturing Process Optimization

  • New design of existing fabricated link as a casting

  • Reducing costs of water jet cutting in existing link; new casting made 60% cheaper to produce

  • Force calculations and FE analysis of casting design

  • Vendor identification through global sourcing (approximate annualized savings = US $65,000)

Our key capabilities in sourcing support


  • Parts classification

  • Drawings template updation for legacy drawings

  • New drawings creation for individual piece parts separately

  • Drawings note translation from German to English, Italian to English

  • Generation of Excel spreadsheet with material grades and thickness of plates used in fabrication for EMEAR and NA sites


  • Dash panel reverse engineering

  • Drawings creation

  • Specifications documentation


3D models and drawings creation for hydraulic components:

  • Cylinders

  • Pumps and motors

  • Manifold blocks

  • Oil coolers

  • Drawings notes/texts translation from German to English

  • Specifications documentation (including functionality)

  • 3D models and drawing creation for hydraulic fittings, tubes, and hose-end fittings


  • Categorized kits and assembly parts in the top 80% spend components

  • Listed out mechanical parts used in kits and assemblies

  • Studied component drawing and provided comments about missing specifications

  • Studied component drawing and validated specifications provided for RFQ

Running Gear

  • Drawing and model extractions and specification sheet generation

  • Translation of spec sheet from German/Italian to English

Our key capabilities in special projects

Terex Steel Handbook of Comparative Grades

  • Created documentation containing equivalent or alternate steel grades for specifications of European, American, and Asian steel grades with their comparisons

  • Developed consistent methodology for selection of equivalent/alternative material grades

  • Included specifications for structural steels, bars, tubes, sections, and castings

  • Written guidelines for qualification and certification of steel in Steel Handbook



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