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Manufacturing Engineering



Creating a niche in manufacturing engineering with superior quality and finish


We harness our 80+ years of cumulative experience to perform manufacturing engineering for clients across the globe. Our efforts have resulted in improved production efficiency of various manufacturing facilities all over the world. Our service offerings include: 


Jigs and fixtures design, production carts design, test cells design, digital validation of tooling, lifting devices design, and certification.



Process engineering

Creation of SOPs, SOS as per Yamazumi charts, Customer Perspective Audit (CPA), End-of-Line Audit (EIA) documentation, lifting and rigging plans, time study, line balancing, 5S and ANDON system implementation.



Tolerance Stack-up analysis

Worst-case analysis (also called tolerance stack-up analysis)  to validate a design and Statistical analysis (also called variation analysis) to predict the actual variation of an assembly based on the variation of the part dimensions.




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