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Challenging the status quo with
value engineering






We are Terex India
R&D Center

In December 2008, we set out on a journey with 60 engineers to become a pioneer in
delivering world-class engineering services. Today, we have emerged as the only global
center that works as a shared corporate engineering and R&D resource for Terex. We work
with 200 engineers to support 28 sites across the globe.

We strive to effectively address a global product development surge by cutting down on
costs with flexible resources. Backed by our profound expertise and domain knowledge, we amp up the efficiency in segment engineering by focusing on developing new products. With a steady increase in engineering output over the last 14 years, we develop products for regional markets locally and also provide engineering services to non-Terex companies.







Outstanding capabilities on a global scale

We are not just a services company, but an engineering company that believes in consciously adding
value to research and development.

Our Terex India R&D center stands out with a diverse range of core capabilities such as:

Technical Publication

Product Design

Computer Aided Engineering (Simulation & Virtual Testing)

Product Evaluation




TIRC Engagement: (Terex Sites)

Map-TEREX Engagement

TIRC Engagement: (Non-Terex Sites)

Map-Non Terex engagement


Sustained focus on reverse engineering


At TIRC, we offer numerous reverse engineering methods and services to define parts or products. Whether you need to make a prototype that is missing its blueprint or remake an old part without a drawing, we’re here to help.

Our engineering team supports everything — from raw measurement data to parametric engineering drawings that correspond to a 3D CAD solid model. We also offer reverse engineering design consulting to point you in the right direction.




Powered by technical knowledge and
domain expertise

We work on products across various product portfolios and functions. Our advanced team has years of OEM experience in design engineering and manufacturing engineering. By delivering a 360-degree exposure along with profound expertise in complete product life cycle development, we give our clients a competitive edge.


Electrical and Hydraulic Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Finite Element Analysis



Product Design and New Product Development

Product Testing and Validation
Product Benchmarking
Legacy Data Conversions: 2D & 3D
Engineering Change Management
Engine Emission Management

Technical Publications

Other Services

Software and Electronics
Product Cost Reduction
Sourcing Support
Special Projects




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