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Finite Element Analysis



Delivering finite element analysis with innovation and precision


Backed by our 14+ years of experience in static, dynamic, linear, non-linear, modal/vibration, kinematic, and fatigue simulations, we deliver world-class finite element analysis. Our team utilizes advanced software such as ANSYS, Nastran, Hypermesh/Optistruct, Abacus, ADAMS, Analytix, and FE Fatigue to meet our clients’ requirements.


We conduct virtual evaluations of structures and linkages optimization using multibody to improve the performances and strength of machinery parts, subsystems, assemblies, and products. Furthermore, our engineers use HPC solvers and high-end computers for debunking complex problems.


To simulate realistic working conditions of our products, we developed friction contact methodology and system-level evaluations. We established virtual fatigue analysis and fatigue calculation methods with a thorough study of the product working cycle. Our extensive experience in non-linear impact simulations (ROPS and FOPS) helps us to add value to all our products and service offerings. 


We provide specific structural evaluations that conform with ANSI, EN280, ASME, BS, SAE, and ISO standards along with comprehensive technical documentation. Our team developed FEA methods for achieving the best correlation with strain gauge tests to support the selection of gauges and field testing.






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