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Electrical and
Hydraulic Engineering



Defining future trends for electrical and hydraulic engineering

Electrical engineering

We design complex electrical systems to meet the evolving needs of the worldwide market. Our experts work together to create differentiated solutions for cranes and construction materials, using software such as NX, Inventor, Solid Works, and Creo.

Harnessing our extensive technical know-how, we implement control systems in our rough terrain cranes by introducing common hardware with a single display. We also improve our cranes with low-system costs and improved diagnostics capabilities.

Keeping the European and American markets in mind, we designed our new electrical system for Rough Terrain 90T Global Crane as per the ANSI  (US) and IEC (Europe) standards. Our team optimized our electrical system for superior performance by consolidating harnesses, reducing length, and relocating splices. We also cut down on costs by optimizing the fuses in our electrical system.

Our industry expertise has been advancing innovation by leaps and bounds. We introduced electrical design in E3 from ECS CAD to make logical connections between schematics and harnesses. Our new engine interface harness provides excellent compatibility with world-class manufacturers like Deutz and John Deere.



Our key capabilities

3D routing

Control system

Proto and production support

Design optimization

Legacy conversion

Engine interface





Hydraulics engineering

We engineer quality hydraulic components that lead to simplified assembly, reduced leak points, and improved assembly line. Our advanced team conducts 3D modeling of hydraulic hose routing for pick and carry cranes as well as rough terrain cranes. This helps to save time, money, and rework by virtually finalizing hose assemblies and identifying adapter and orientation type requirements prior to installation.

We integrate hydraulics with electrical and pneumatic systems for easy diagnostics and convenient traceability of electrical circuit and hose connection in single file. Our hydraulic system design includes schematic representation of components such as hoses, pipes, valves, and fittings for unterwagon and oberwagon. It is entirely based on their function such as steering, suspension, and outrigger. Additionally, we verify pressure ratings of our hoses, fittings, and pipes for quality and performance.



Our key capabilities

3D routing


Design System optimisation

Legacy conversion

Prototype and Production support






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