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Advanced Electronic Control



Available For Models SK 452-20, CTT 132-6, CTT 172-8, CTT 202-8, CTT 202-10, CTT 222-10, CTT 292-12 CTT 472-20, CTLH 192-12, CTL 272-18, CTL 282-18

Terex advanced electronics ensure precise crane control, provide instant operating data and simplify crane setup to reduce installation time at the jobsite.
Electronic control offers these standard functions:

  • Easy setup. Save up to 75% of the time to configure the crane thanks to the electronic setup.
  • Terex Power Plus (TPP). Boosts operating capacity by an extra 10% when needed.
  • Terex Power Match (TPM). Lowers energy consumption at the jobsite.
  • Auto-levelling. On luffing jib cranes, holds the load level during jib luffing movement for accurate load placement.
  • T-Torque slewing technology. The new inverter technology with torque control gives the operator a better control over crane slewing. Each operator can save his customized settings on startup boost, acceleration, deceleration, counter-manoeuvre and speeds.

The crane is also ready for Anti-Collision and Zoning systems, ideal for multiple cranes jobsites.