Bantam Cranes

  • Stands for: powerful despite its diminutive size. It also represents a bird iconic to the farm, Bantam's original target market.
  • Bantam was a brand of cranes and excavators.
  • Based in Waverly, Iowa.
  • Bantam products were sold worldwide.

Bantam Products

  • Truck mounted crane



Historical Overview

Founded in Waverly, IA by Vern and Wilbur Schield.

Company sold to Koehring, brand name transitions to Koehring-Bantam.

Koehring cranes & excavators line acquired by Northwest Engineering.

Northwest Engineering acquires Terex Corporation, and through merger, name is changed to Terex Corporation.

Distinguished Historical Accomplishments

Bantam #1 is designed as a dragline, used for production of lime for the local farmers.

Development of CR35 – a self-propelled Bantam.

Schield-Bantam company converts from Army truck cab to “cab over” crane carriers.

With 1,017 cranes sold in 1955, Bantam claims to be the world’s largest producer of truck mounted power cranes – excavators. Company goes public.

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