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Combining over twenty years of experience and the latest in Terex tower crane innovation and technology, Terex CTL luffing jib tower cranes are a popular choice among leading construction and rental companies worldwide. Particularly well-matched to the construction of high-rise buildings on urban jobsites, Terex CTL luffing jib tower cranes are designed to work together in a wide variety of configurations efficiently and safely.


State of the art features that improve efficiency at complex job sites


A range born and bred in environments where they needed to cope with extremely challenging projects


Design that helps to get the most from an urban context, whilst still being able to perform at the highest level in any other setting if required

1. To avoid overflight of public buildings: both for safety and to avoid cost where fees are in place
2. Contemporary lifting to speed up construction time
3. Optimising crane performance by being closer to the buidings
4. Even in the most challenging areas, the crane can be altered to fit where you need
5. Very competitive in-service and out-of-service radius to satisfy urban area requirements
6. Opeators/engineers can exit the crane with ease thanks to the jib design: reduces time and cost
7. Interchangeable crane design to cope with different and/or challenging building shapes
8. Terex T-Link telematics platform gives you the freedom to be in control of your fleet data anytime, anywhere
9. Naturally electric. No diesel engine, avoiding air and noise pollution (very important in built-up areas)
10. Hydraulic luffer: power and precision in congested job sites. Maximise in-service and out-of-service areas
11. Terex T-Lift: boosts comfort, efficiency and safety for technicians and operators
12. Tower mast optimisation: varying options of tower mast to best suit needs such as height requirements and return on investment opportunities