Franna Cranes

  • Stands for: “Francis and Anna” name of company founder and his daughter.
  • Manufacturer of Pick & Carry cranes with a lifting capacity from 10 to 25 tons
  • Based in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Terex-Franna products are sold worldwide today.

Franna Products


Historical Overview

Franna started by Dave Francis who developed the very first pick and carry crane prototype from truck components.

Business sold to Lou Parolin and Brian Hain.

Terex acquired Franna.


Distinguished Historical Accomplishments

Franna cranes have dominated the Australian market.

As the ultimate “taxi” crane, Frannas are versatile and multipurpose allowing use in workshops, plant sites, mines.

Franna has developed a special Drag Line maintenance version of the cranes in conjunction with Australian Coal Industry to maintain large equipment (replace drills, bucket teeth, ropes, pins, wheel motors, work in wash plants, equipment breakdowns, and tight areas).

To find replacement parts for Franna legacy brand cranes, please contact our Parts team.