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CTLH 192-12 at work in Sidney

Terex Cranes would like to congratulate John & Josh Handley of Cosmo Cranes on the first erection of the newest Hydraulic Luffing Jib tower crane CTLH 192-12. The crane will work on the 88 St. Leonards luxury apartments JQZ (property development company) project in Sidney.

Josh Handley from Cosmo says: “This I believe is a game changer in the ever-shrinking job sites in our capital cities. The comfort and safety of the new cab the awesome range of class leading features are the DNA of new Terex Comedil cranes”. John and Josh have shown a particular passion for this crane over the last few years of the development. For the Cosmo team to have the first of (hopefully many) this machine is a fantastic milestone and especially in this year of COVID they proved great faith in the new Terex products. The new generation of European built Terex cranes is growing every year with CTLH 192-12 being the newest.


CTLH 192-12 features the latest Hydraulic luffing technology to reach the lowest in service and out of service radius, of only 3m and 8m respectively. The model has a max jib length of 55 m (180 ft) and a maximum capacity of 12 t (13.2 USt). The crane is provided with the latest control system, featuring easy and quick setup, Terex Power Plus (TPP), Power Match functions and T-Torque Slewing System with customizable setting.

Glenn Howden, Terex Cranes Sales Manager says: “I personally thank you Cosmo Cranes, they are a very good customer for us, it is always a great experience to work to satisfy the needs of their job sites”.

More info about CTLH 192-12

About Cosmo Cranes
For all your site requirements and whatever you need to move, lift, or shift, we have the mobile crane and the tower crane to get the job done. All our mobile cranes have variobase system, which is designed for tight/challenging spaces. Cosmo Cranes also specialises in Luffing, Hydraulic luffers and Flat top Tower Cranes.

All of our Cranes are being services and maintained at the highest safety standards. Our highly experienced operators will ensure that you get the job done to the highest standard.


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