P & H

Terex Cranes Legacy Brands


Stands for: names of the company founders Pawling & Harnischfeger.

  • Formerly, a brand of rough terrain cranes.
  • Based in Waverly, Iowa.
  • P&H brand cranes were sold worldwide.

Historical Overview:

  • 1884

    P&H is founded by Alonzo Pawling & Henry Harnischfeger as a small machine and pattern shop in the American Midwest.

  • 1911

    P& H changed its name to Harnischfeger Corporation

  • 1959

    Harnischfeger Corporation enters in JV with an Australian company called Power Cranes and Shovels, Pty., Ltd.

  • 1988

    P&H mobile cranes brand integrated into PPM / North America by way of license from Harnischfeger Corporation

  • 1995

    Terex acquires PPM as an affiliate operating as Terex PPM.

Product Past Current
Rough Terrain Crane true false
Lattice Crawler Crane true false
Truck Crane true false

Distinguished Historical Accomplishments

  • 1887

    Pawling & Harnischfeger enter into an overhead industrial crane market.

  • 1920

    P&H designed the first machines with fully welded car body.

  • 1942

    Harnischfeger Corporation produces its “P&H” cranes and excavators for the war effort