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Terex® CC 8800-1 TWIN lifting power plant modules in China



April 30, 2010 – A Terex® CC8800-1 TWIN crawler crane was used by Zongyuan Construction Co. Ltd to lift a huge power plant generator unit in Haiyang, Shandong Province, China, in January 2010.


The operation consisted of lifting the CA20 generator module, measuring 20.96 m x 14.17 m x 20.96 m (68.7 ft x 46.5 ft x 68.7 ft) and weighing 1046 metric tonnes (1153 US tons), and positioning it onto a 10-meter high foundation.


On January 30th at precisely 6:58 a.m., the Terex® CC 8800-1 TWIN was ready to operate using the SSL configuration and 69-meter (226 ft) main boom. Set-up at a 34-meter (111.5 ft) working radius, the CC 8800-1 TWIN lifted the module smoothly. After an accurate counter-clockwise slewing movement, with its massive load on the hook, the crane crawled into its final position on the construction site.


After a further slewing movement at a 36.5 m (120 ft) working radius, the giant crawler crane gently and precisely lowered the CA20 generator module into the right position at 8:40 am. The entire operation was carried out successfully in only 1hour and 42 minutes.


The generator unit will help power a third generation AP 1000 power plant that is currently being constructed during the first phase of the Power Project in Shandong Haiyang, China.

Terex® CC 8800-1 TWIN


The TWIN add-on kit for the successful 1600t (1763 US tons) Terex® CC 8800-1 crawler crane increases its range of operation to a lifting capacity of 3200t (3527 US tons). For its owners, this opens up the widest possible range of deployment options at a reduced cost of ownership.


The name TWIN refers to the impressive double boom and the versatility of the successful CC 8800-1 modules, which are complemented by a small number of additional components. The Terex® CC 8800-1 TWIN has retained the same logistical characteristics and design for worldwide transport as seen in the Terex® CC8800-1.


Operating as a pick-and-carry crawler crane with 3200t (3527 US tons) lifting capacity and a maximum load moment of 44000 meter tonnes (319,000 feet kips), the TWIN represents a considerable saving of both time and space requirements in the erection of large industrial facilities – when compared with ring lift cranes and jacking towers.


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