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Terex® Crossover 6000 finds a home with White Crane

Crane used to lift a Habitat for Humanity house for charity plus a whole lot more



WEST COLUMBIA, S.C., USA September, 2013 – White Crane Company, Inc. of West Columbia, S.C. operates a variety of lifting equipment ranging from 18-US ton (16.3-t) industrial carry deck cranes to 550-US ton (500-t) all terrain cranes to 250-US ton (227-t) crawler cranes. Ask Jason and Ryan Flynt, president and vice president respectively of the family-owned business, which is the most popular crane in their fleet, and they won't hesitate in responding. "It's our Terex® Crossover 6000 boom truck," says Jason Flynt.

The crane rental and rigging company purchased the 60-US ton (54-t) Crossover 6000 boom truck crane to add more flexibility in servicing its industrial, commercial and residential construction customers. The primary reason — its capacity. "The chart is superb on the 6000," says Ryan Flynt. Jason Flynt adds, "It's the strongest 360 degree lifting truck crane I've seen in the 60-US ton (54-t) class, and it out lifts many 75-US ton (68-t) cranes in its class.”

One of the first jobs for White Crane’s Crossover 6000 resulted from a call the company received for lifting a 3,500-lb (1,588-kg) object at a 107-ft (32.6-m) radius. A 60-US ton (54-t) rough terrain crane the customer was using could not complete the lift, and the 80-US ton (73-t) crane being considered for the lift came at a hefty price tag. White Crane quoted the Crossover 6000 to the customer as an alternative to the 80-US ton (73-t) crane. "Our Crossover," says Ryan Flynt, "offers a 4,900-lb (2,222-kg) capacity at 105 ft radius, so we could perform the lift without it being a critical lift. We were also half the cost of the 80-US ton (73-t) crane."

Beyond capacity, the Crossover 6000 delivers ample reach to help with White Crane’s industrial customer base. It offers a 110-ft (33.5-m) maximum boom length and a 170-ft (51.8-m) maximum tip height when equipped with its 57-ft (17.4-m) offset jib. When installing generators and air conditioning units on top of industrial structures, the boom truck allows White Crane’s crew to work at a 160-ft (48.8-m) radius, allowing the crane to reach far over the walls and far into the rooftop area of the structure. "We can use this crane on just about any job," says Jason Flynt. "Having a 160-ft (48.8-m) radius is unheard of in a 60-ton (54-t) truck crane class.

Charity Meets Rehabilitation

Last year, White Crane had a chance to be a part of history and give back to its community with the Crossover 6000. The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) in West Columbia worked with Habitat for Humanity to build the first-in-the-state Habitat house built by kids within in the juvenile justice system. White Crane is a member of the mechanical contractors association who volunteered to help instruct the kids on building techniques.

There was only one catch. Frame construction had to be completed behind the DJJ facility’s fence, as the kids were not allowed to construct it at the permanent building site. "It's a great program," says Ryan Flynt. "The kids learned important trade skills, and the house helped a deserving community member move into a home of their own."

After framing was completed inside the DJJ facility, it had to be lifted over the fence and onto a truck, so the structure could be moved to its final destination. White Crane donated the cranes and rigging manpower to perform the lift.

The new structure’s size required a tandem crane lift to safely hoist the house. One of the primary challenges was "we had to estimate the weight of the house," says Jason Flynt. Additionally, it was windy the day of the dedication ceremony. "The winds picked up, and we had to start the lift before the ceremony was finished," he adds.

Initially, White Crane planned to use two 90-US ton (82-t) cranes. But that was before purchasing the Terex Crossover 6000. After reviewing the boom truck’s lift charts, White Crane replaced one of the 90-US ton (82-t) cranes with the Crossover 6000. "The chart actually has the Crossover’s capacity rated 20% higher than that of the 90-US ton (82-t) crane at the radius we were working," says Jason Flynt.

To lift the approximately 33,000-lb (14,970-kg) structure over the fence, White Crane operated both cranes at a 95-ft (29.0-m) boom length at a 45-ft (13.7-m) radius. The Crossover 6000 charts a 23,100-lb (10,478-kg) capacity at these settings, which in the state of South Carolina enables up to 17,325-lb (7,858-kg) to be lifted without being deemed a critical lift. "One reason for the crane's strength is its unique structure and outrigger design," says Steven Ake, Sales Manager, from Terex Cranes.

The Crossover 6000 blends the upper structure of a truck crane with a commercial chassis, so it outperforms other class-competitive crane models. "We like having the commercial truck chassis because we typically get a longer lifespan out of truck engines versus crane carriers, and two people can ride together, so you don't have the extra fuel and mileage costs," explains Ryan Flint.

The Terex Crossover crane’s X-pattern outrigger design eliminates the need for a front stabilizer jack, while providing enhanced all-around lift capabilities. It lowers the crane’s overall center of gravity and isolates the crane’s upper structure from the truck chassis. “Since the chassis is not integral to the crane’s lifting, this eliminates operational stresses to increase chassis longevity for White Crane,” says Steven Ake.

Even with the uncertain house weight and weather challenges, White Crane’s crew easily and efficiently handled the Habitat house lift with the 60-US ton (54-t) Crossover 6000 and 90-US ton (82-t) mobile crane. Within a short four-hour window, White Crane’s crew had the Crossover 6000 set up, rigged for the lift, completed the lift and had the crane de-rigged and moved out.

Jason Flynt explains that this boom truck crane’s combination of strength and design made it an easy decision to purchase. "When weighing the costs of a machine," he says "and price and capacity class are basically the same, then the stronger crane is an easy decision to buy. If we had two Crossover 6000s available, I would've used both 60-US ton (54-t) cranes to lift the Habitat house."

About the Terex® Crossover 6000 Boom Truck Crane

Easily configurable for road transport in all 50 states, the Terex® Crossover 6000 boom truck crane offers a 110-ft (33.5-m) maximum boom length and 170-ft (51.6-m) maximum system length. Providing excellent lifting performance across all configurations at all lifting radii due to its X-pattern outrigger design, the Terex Crossover 6000 boom truck crane provides efficient, reliable service for long hours on the jobsite. Its maximum lifting capacity is 60 US tons (54 t).

About White Crane Company, Inc.

Specializing in operated and bare crane rentals and rigging, White Crane Company, Inc. was started in 1977 by Eddie Flynt, and the family business continues today under the leadership of Jason and Ryan Flynt. The company provides state-of-the-art equipment with safe and experienced operators for industrial, commercial and residential use. Offering 24-hour on-call service, White Crane provides free consultations and meets customers on-site for project evaluation to ensure the right equipment is available to perform a safe and successful lift.

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