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HC 230

The HC 230 is no longer in production.

Key Features
  • 230 USt (208.7 t) maximum lifting capacity
  • Increased capacity at working radii with optional CWT Plus package
  • Power up / down and freefall on main and auxiliary drums
  • Quiet, comfortable operator’s cab with excellent viewing range
  • Smooth operating speed reduction system which minimizes shock loading when load or boom limits are approached
  • Two speed travel allows operator to select the best speed and power control for any operation condition
  • Superior Transportability:
    12 ft (3.66 m) width
    11 ft 5 in. (3.48 m) height
  • Hydraulic counterweight removal system simplifies installation
    and removal
Specification Value
Max Capacity 230 USt / 208 t
Max Load Moment 1171 tm / 1171 tm
Max Tip Height 320 ft / 97 m