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FC 6.24H

Flat Top Tower Crane


The FC 6.24H is a self erecting flat top tower crane with 24m (78.7 ft) max jib length and a maximum capacity of 1.5 t (1.65 USt). Ideal solution for job sites with difficult access wheter you are downtown or sorrounded by wild nature. 

Key Features

  • Max jib length: 24 m (78.7 ft)
  • Capacity at max length: 0.6 t (0.66 USt)
  • Max capacity: 1.5 t (1.65 USt)


Specification Value
Max Capacity 1.7 USt / 1.5 t
Max Jib Length 78.7 ft / 24 m
Capacity at Max Radius 0.7 USt / 0.6 t