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Crossover 4500L

Crossover 4500L Boom Truck
The Crossover 4500L is no longer in production.

Key features
  • 129 ft (39.3 m) fully synchronous telescopic boom
  • 45 USt (40.8 t) maximum lifting capacity


Specification Value
Max Capacity 45 USt / 40.8 t
Max Main Boom Length 129 ft / 39.3 m
Max Tip Height 55.8 m / 183 ft

Strength and Power

  • Proven boom design: Four-section fully synchronized design
  • High-performance hydraulics: Three-pump system simultaneously provides independent flow to the boom, hoist and rotation functions
  • X-pattern outriggers are designed to offer maximum stability while still providing a small footprint. X-pattern front outrigger design eliminates front jack requirement.
  • Standard 360 degree continuous rotation

Operational Ease

  • Precise control: Fully proportional controls
  • Work area definition: The operator can define boundaries for boom rotation, lift and lower. A warning alarm sounds if the boom moves outside the defined area.