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CTL 272-18

Terex Cranes introduces the new Terex® CTL 272-18 luffing jib tower crane that boasts a 10% increase in jib length over the previous class model. The new Terex model features a 61 m (200 ft) maximum jib length, 270 ton-meter load moment and maximum full-length load of 2.6 tonnes (2.9 U.S. tons). The crane’s unique Terex Power Plus feature can temporarily increase the maximum load moment under specific and controlled conditions (e.g. reduced dynamics) by 10%, giving the operator extra lifting capacity. 

Key Features

  • Max jib length: 61 m (200 ft)
  • Capacity at max length: 2.6 t (2.9 USt)
  • Max capacity: 18 t (19.8 USt)
Specification Value
Max Capacity 19.8 USt / 18 t
Max Jib Length 200 ft / 61 m
Capacity at Max Radius 2.9 USt / 2.6 t
  • Available with 3 different tower masts to meet different customer needs in terms of ROI and performance
  • Equipped with the new Terex Tower operator cab and the new control system which enhance comfort and productivity
    • The large, 18 cm (7 in) color display with antiglare screen displays operating and troubleshooting data to the operator. 
    • In addition to Terex Power Plus, Terex Power Match enables the operator to choose between operating performance or energy efficiency to adapt to lifting needs. 
    • Its auto-leveling feature automatically maintains the same hoist block height while luffing the jib.
  • Counter jib with winches and electrical panel powering all crane movements and service derrick accessible at cabin level for easy access and maintenance
  • Offers the choice of hoisting with 1-4 pull lines, affording the flexibility to choose between lifting speed with lighter loads or power and precision when placing heavier objects