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Advanced Electronic Control


Terex advanced electronics ensure precise crane control, provide instant operating data and simplify crane setup to reduce installation time at the jobsite.
Electronic control offers these standard functions:

  • Easy setup. Save up to 75% of the time to configure the crane thanks to the electronic setup.
  • Terex Power Plus (TPP). Boosts operating capacity by an extra 10% when needed.
  • Terex Power Match (TPM). Lowers energy consumption at the jobsite.
  • Auto-levelling. On luffing jib cranes, holds the load level during jib luffing movement for accurate load placement.
  • T-Torque slewing technology. The new inverter technology with torque control gives the operator a better control over crane slewing. Each operator can save his customized settings on startup boost, acceleration, deceleration, counter-manoeuvre and speeds.

The crane is also ready for Anti-Collision and Zoning systems, ideal for multiple cranes jobsites.


Specification Value
Available For Models SK 452-20, CTT 132-6, CTT 172-8, CTT 202-8, CTT 202-10, CTT 222-10, CTT 292-12 CTT 472-20, CTLH 192-12, CTL 272-18, CTL 282-18