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T-Torque Slewing Technology

Better control over crane slewing with customizable settings.

•Customizable settings
•Adjust the responsiveness of the crane to operator preferences, load and wind speed
•Smoother movements or fast reaction
•Exceptionally accurate control

New inverter technology with torque control applied directly to the slewing motors gives the operator improved control over crane movements.
It allows the operator to customize  startup boost, acceleration, deceleration, counter-manoeuvre and speeds, based on operating conditions, such as load type or wind speed.
The crane immediately responds to the operator’s command, and jib slewing can be adjusted to smoother or more powerful, giving the operator accurate control of load handling and positioning, critical on congested jobsites.

Specification Value
Available For Models CTT 172-8, CTT 202-8, CTT 202-10, CTT 222-10, CTT 292-12, CTT 332-16, CTT 472-20, CTLH 192-12, CTL 282-18