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Meet the Terex Team-Anita Ogle- Aftermarket Product Support Manager

Anita Ogle

Welcome to the MeeTT Section, where we introduce you to a member of the Terex team—to learn about the people and passion that stand behind our products.

This week, we feature Anita Ogle, Aftermarket Product Support Manager-North America.

How did you get started at Terex?

I began my career here 36 years ago. At that time, I had never seen a crane, or at least hadn’t noticed them much. I was a young single mother with 2 small daughters and honestly just needed a job that would hopefully get me through their childhood. Little did I know then it would also get me through my grandchildren’s as well. I have been so blessed. Terex has been an amazing journey for me, one that I plan to continue and am so grateful.

During your 36 years at Terex, you’ve worn a lot of hats. What are some of the titles you’ve had over the years? 

S&R clerk, Inventory Analyst, CSR, Warehouse Manager, Traffic Manager. If anyone ever needed help (and it seemed they always did), I volunteered. Everything from making Parts and Operators Manuals, to Inventory Control, staying every month end until close (usually midnight back then as we weren’t automated as much as today, and everything had to be touched). Over the last few years, I have gained vast knowledge in the Finance world, divestitures, working remotely and change to name a few.

What’s a random piece of crane knowledge that has stuck with you?

In 1998 after we became Terex, I was asked to be the backup for Traffic. When the Traffic Mgr. was out, I handled the shipping and learned more that I ever thought possible on load plans. Some things still stick today. For example, I know that for a Peiner 315 tower crane, we need 9 regular flatbeds and 2 step decks. 

What have you learned over the years? 

People and relationships are everything. From Customers, to Vendors, to Managers, to Directors and Direct reports, it is all about the people. One of the truest statements I have ever heard was “you are only as strong as your team”. I am very proud of the relationships I have built over the years with colleagues, customers and vendors.

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