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Krandienst Lange receives Terex® AC 300/6



ZWEIBRUECKEN, OCTOBER 28, 2009 – Grimmen-based Krandienst Lange is expanding its lifting capabilities with a 300 metric tonne Terex® all terrain crane. The AC 300/6 received by the company is the first unit of this new crane model to be operated in Germany.


“The components that we need to lift for our customers in the agricultural, industrial, and electrical power industries keep getting heavier and heavier,” explains owner Torsten Lange. “That’s why the AC 300/6 was the next logical step in expanding our crane fleet with higher-capacity cranes. We decided on this particular crane due to its flexibility. The fact that we can use it for a large variety of applications means that we will easily be able to ensure that it is used to its full basic capacity: in fact, it can cover work done by cranes with lifting capacities from 160 metric tonnes all the way to 300–400 metric tonnes. The very idea of this concept had me sold as soon as I saw it on paper!”


The Terex® AC 300/6 (maximum lifting capacity: 300 metric tonnes) was delivered to Krandienst Lange with a 19 m main boom extension, a 3 m runner, and a 72 m luffing fly jib. The crane is also equipped with a Superlift system and a 116.7 tonne counterweight.


Crane operator Guido Siegmeier adds: “The attachments, which are optimized for travel, are also perfect for us. We often have to travel long distances between sites in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and these attachments will save us quite a few truck trips.”


The crane is mainly used in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the northern part of Brandenburg, and the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. One of its main jobs will be the restoration of old wind turbines, a task that is ideal for the AC 300/6 with its maximum system length of 125.7 m.



The Terex® AC 300/6

With a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tonnes and a maximum load moment of 951 mt, the Terex® AC 300/6 is the most powerful mobile crane in its category on the market. The crane experts from Terex optimized the AC 300/6 for an extremely wide working range and featured it with attachments that are both easy to use and to transport. In this manor they created a very efficient and reliable all-rounder for any type of project. Its short overall length of 16.71 meters and its speed-dependent rear axle steering enable the crane to work with remarkably small turn radii.

The design behind the AC 300/6 is also innovative in terms of transportation, allowing the following components to be transported within a width of 3 m and a height of 4 m during road travel: a Superlift system, a 20 m telescopic folding jib, a three-sheave hook block, and a second hoisting gear. Additional attachments can be easily loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 2.55 m.


Krandienst Lange was founded in 1997. The company’s fleet includes truck-mounted cranes, lowbed trailers, and loading cranes of various sizes. The company has its own escort vehicle available for heavy goods vehicles and large-volume vehicles. Krandienst Lange operates predominantly in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, although its operations have recently grown to include construction sites in other regions, both nationally and abroad. The company currently has 50 employees who work hard to meet the needs of customers from all industries.


About Terex
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From left to right: Torsten Hanke (Sales Manager, Terex Cranes), Torsten Lange (owner and General Manager, Krandienst Lange), Mario Dust (crane operator, Krandienst Lange), Guido Siegmeier (crane operator, Krandienst Lange)

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