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ZWEIBRÜCKEN / LUBMIN, MARCH 25, 2010 The first Terex® AC 350/6 crane to be operated in Germany made its debut during the dismantling of an old power plant in Lubmin, close to the town of Greifswald. More specifically, the crane was used to dismantle a pair of gantry cranes in an interim storage facility.


Grimmen-based Krandienst Lange, from the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, was commissioned to perform this particular stage of the project. Company director Torsten Lange decided to use the newest crane in the company’s fleet, a Terex® AC 350/6 all-terrain crane from the 350-tonne (385 US ton) lifting capacity class, for the assignment. A Terex® AC 200-1 was also on site in order to provide support to the AC 350/6 during the latter’s first real job at a construction site.


“The crane passed with flying colors,” were the words of Torsten Lange and crane operator Guido Siegmeier, both of whom were visibly pleased once the assignment was complete.

The unit’s success came as no surprise, as the AC 350/6 is the most powerful mobile crane of its class. The AC 350/6 has been optimized so that it can cover the greatest possible range of operations within the 160 tonne – 350 tonne (176 US ton – 385 US ton) class, achieving constantly high utilization levels. This feature, together with quick setup procedures and characteristics allowing for efficient transportation and deployment logistics, has made the unit an extremely cost-effective machine.


The AC 350/6 was originally shipped as a 300-tonne (330 US ton) machine. Thanks to its excellent lifting capacities, however, especially when working with fixed jibs, the crane positions itself in the 350-tonne (385 US ton) class. This was confirmed by Terex after further comprehensive calculations and testing. A no-cost update will be performed on machines that have already been delivered to customers.


During the job the crane was equipped with a 31.7 meter (104 ft) -long main boom, a 4 meter (13.1 ft) -long adapter, and a 22 meter (72.1 ft) luffing jib (SWIHI). The luffing jib was necessary in order to be able to safely lift the load out of the building at a traveling height of 30 meters, above a high projecting edge.


Crane operator Guido Siegmeier added: “The luffing jib was set up in no time. The new quick-setup system is very easy to use, and it minimizes assembly and rigging times – it’s a truly elegant solution.“ The easy-connect luffing jib considerably reduces the need to work at height.


The two gantry cranes (125 and 25 tonnes / 137 and 27 US tons capacity respectively) were dismantled by means of a tandem lift operation. This required perfectly synchronized, laser-precision interaction between both Terex® cranes, a feat made possible by the successful team formed by the crane coordinator, the two crane operators, and the Terex® cranes themselves.


The entire project was successfully completed in a mere two-and-a-half working days (including the assembly and disassembly times for the cranes) to the complete satisfaction of the customer. The Krandienst Lange team, in turn, considers this as undeniable evidence of the fact that expanding its fleet with the Terex® AC 350/6 (in order to handle projects requiring larger lifting capacities) was the right decision.


“Since I don’t get work for a 350-tonne (385 US ton) class crane every day, it is particularly important for the crane to be able to handle a wide range of operations,” explains owner Torsten Lange. “The AC 350/6 is an all-rounder that I can use efficiently even for operations suited to the 160-tonne (176 US ton) class by using a partial counterweight. For tasks that indeed require a 350-tonne (385 US ton) class crane, I need only very little additional transport capacity and can have the crane ready-to-operate on site in no time.”



The TEREX® AC 350/6

With a total length of only 16.7 (54.8 ft) meters, the AC 350/6 is the smallest 6-axle and most compact mobile crane in the 350-tonne (386 US ton) class. This jack-of-all-trades can be used throughout an extraordinarily wide range: in the class of less than 220 tonnes (242 US tons), with a partial counterweight, as an alternative to medium and large 5-axle mobile cranes. In the 200 – 350 tonne (220 – 386 US ton) range, it is by far the most powerful crane of its class at this time, both regarding its main boom and its different extensions. Even jobs for a 400-tonne (440 US ton) class crane can be taken on with this machine - a territory that, for all intents and purposes, belongs to much larger cranes. The AC350/6 reaches, for example, the performance figures of a 400-tonne (440 US ton) class mobile crane with its extraordinarily large lifting capacity, with a telescoped boom length of approximately 60m (197 ft), or with its impressive maximum system length of 125.7m (412.4 ft).


A compact chassis and speed-dependent rear axle steering enable the crane to work with remarkably small turn radii. In addition, the fact that the AC 350/6 is the only 350-tonne (386 US ton) class unit with a front overhang shorter than two meters (6.6 ft) means that it can be operated without additional escort personnel in a number of different countries.

Additional attachments, whether required or optional, can be loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 2.55 m (8.4 ft).


The Krandienst Lange company was founded in 1997. Its fleet includes mobile cranes, lowbed trailers, and loading cranes of various sizes. The company has several escort vehicles available for heavy goods vehicles and large-volume vehicles. Krandienst Lange operates predominantly in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. However, its operations now extend to construction sites in other regions, both nationally and abroad, as a result of the company’s growth. The company currently has 50 employees who work hard to meet the needs of customers from all industries.


Once the dismantling work being performed on the now-defunct Lubmin power plant is completed in 2012 as scheduled, the premises will be used in order to build a leading power and technology center in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The segment connecting the offshore and transmission pipelines planned for the Russo-German Nord Stream gas pipeline is yet another important project for the location.


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