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ZWEIBRÜCKEN, March 9th, 2011 – With the help of three Terex® all terrain cranes, Krandienst Werner temporarily relocated the Marx-Engels-Forum monument in Berlin’s central Mitte district to accommodate the construction of Berlin’s U55 subway line. The crane trio, consisting of a Terex® AC 200-1, AC 100/4 and AC 30 City, handled this demanding yet delicate task quickly and efficiently.


The monument encompassed a circular area with a diameter of 60 meters (196.85 ft), featuring bronze statues of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (standing at 2.77 meters (9.08 ft) and 3.07 meters (10.07 ft) tall respectively) at its center, each weighing around 2.5 tonnes (2.76 tons). In addition, the monument included several sculptures made of Cuban marble, each weighing up to 12.5 tonnes (13.78 tons) that were located behind the statues.


The Krandienst Werner team used the Terex® AC 200-1, with a reach of 28 meters (91.87 ft), to lift the 12-tonne marble sculptures, each taking no more than one to two hours.


Meanwhile, the Terex® AC100/4 was used to move the 2.5-tonne bronze statues. However, there was a particular challenge in this case: both statues had to be lifted above a group of trees circling the monument in a radius of 50 meters (164.04 ft), a task that the Terex® AC100/4 was able to complete easily and quickly thanks to its five-section telescopic boom. In fact, each statue was lifted and moved in less than three hours. In order to ensure that the statues did not become damaged during the relocation, straps were used to attach them to a metal frame.



“While driving to the jobsite, we ran into a police traffic control point with our Terex®

AC 100/4. Knowing that the crane was in excellent condition and featured a compact design suited for use on city roads gave us full peace of mind,” reports Krandienst Werner General Manager Detlef Werner. After a detailed inspection, the all-terrain crane was officially cleared for driving on the streets of Berlin. All traffic requirements, such as the applicable permissible axle load requirements, were fully met, and the Terex® AC 100/4 was soon on its way to the site. “Thanks to its four steering axles, we were able to easily maneuver the crane through the concrete jungle of Berlin and get to the Marx-Engels-Forum without a hitch,” explains crane operator Kurt Grüner.


The new location for the Marx-Engels-Forum is a mere 80 meters away from its original spot. “Putting the monument back together went as smoothly as taking it apart. This project showed us once more that our Terex® cranes are the ideal choice for performing any task reliably, quickly, and cost-effectively for our customers,” points out Detlef Werner. And he should know, he operates every one of his six Terex® cranes himself.


The Terex® AC 100/4

The Terex® AC 100/4 is a compact yet strong 100t (110 US ton) capacity class four-axle crane at only 2.55m (8.4ft) width. The maximum load moment of this mobile crane is 308 metric tons. Its maximum system length is 77m (252.6ft), with a 50m (164ft) telescopic boom plus an additional 27m (88.6ft) of main boom extension. The unit’s compact design is of significant advantage and can be attributed to its weight distribution on its four axles.


The AC 100/4 can be equipped with 27m (88.6ft) main boom extension that can be offset at the basic boom, as well as at the 8m (26.2ft) variable extension. Thus, it is possible to either achieve large radii or to lift loads over projecting edges. Four different outrigger bases come as standard and make for a high degree of flexibility in challenging operating environments.


The carrier engine is a liquid-cooled diesel unit, delivering a powerful 335 kW (445 hp) at 2,000 rpm. A separate superstructure engine, with an output of 129 kW (175 hp), provides an excellent balance of power for rapid working cycles and low fuel consumption.



The Terex® AC 200-1

With a total length of only 14.06 meters (46.13ft), the Terex® AC 200-1 all terrain crane is the shortest five-axle crane in the 200t capacity class (220 US tons). Its seven-section main boom can reach a length of up to 67,8 meters (222.45ft), which can be further extended to a maximum of 100 meters with a main boom extension. Four different stabilizer versions enable the crane to work with a high degree of flexibility, while its state-of-the-art IC-1 crane control system, featuring a touchscreen color monitor, makes it easy to operate the machine.


A 390 kW (530 hp) undercarriage engine provides for a powerful and cost-effective drive mechanism complemented by a convenient, automatic 16-speed transmission that ensures a high level of efficiency and optimal gradeability. This combination enables the crane to reach a speed of over 62 km/h (38.5 mph) on roads. Meanwhile, the motor found on the superstructure can produce an output of 170 kW (228 hp).


Moreover, since four out of the five axles are steering axles, the crane’s turning radius is a mere 11.05 meters (36.25 ft), making it highly maneuverable.


About Montage- und Kranservice Werner GmbH

The Berlin based company Montage- und Kranservice Werner GmbH was founded in 2000 and today employs six crane operators. With its premises located in Hoppegarten, Montage- und Kranservice Werner GmbH specializes in lifting and assembly projects involving weights of up to 200 tonnes, enabling it to provide a wide range of services (going from the delivery of plates for construction traffic roads to the lifting of prestressed concrete slabs of any size in the construction industry, for example). In addition, the company provides escorting services (second and third-generation escort vehicles for heavy goods vehicles) for heavy goods vehicles. For more information, please visit


About Terex

Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer operating in four business segments: Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Terex Construction, Terex Cranes, and Terex Materials Processing. Terex manufactures a broad range of equipment for use in various industries, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, recycling, surface mining, shipping, transportation, refining, and utility industries. Terex offers a complete line of financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information on Terex can be found at










Terex® AC 30city at the construction Site in Berlin Mitte, Germany.







Terex® AC100/4 in position to lift the Marx monument off the truck.


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