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crane rental CORP makes switch to ITS first terex® all terrain crane

Terex® AC 500-2 crane offers the right balance of size, reach and capacity



ORLANDO, Fla. April, 2014 – When the time came for Crane Rental Corporation, an Orlando, Fla.-based heavy hauling, specialized rigging and crane company, to upgrade its 550 ton (500 tonne) all terrain crane, the company had many alternatives available to them. Company President, Alan Ashlock, was looking for a crane that offered the right combination of capacity and reach, with a compact design to quickly navigate tight urban areas.

Recommendations for what model to buy came from unlikely sources. “I was speaking to some competitors, and they sang the praises of the Terex AC 500-2 all terrain crane,” recalls Ashlock. “The feedback was it had superior capacities, yet it was a very mobile crane.”

Ashlock worked with Terex Cranes distributor, Renegar-Driggers Machinery Company, Inc., to learn more about the all terrain crane. “The AC 500-2 crane offers the highest lift capacities on eight axles in the 600 ton (500 tonne) class, as well as the longest system length that can travel at 12 tons (10.9 tonnes) per axle,” mentions Bob Renegar, president of Renegar-Driggers. “Its carrier is just 56 ft (17.1 m) long, so it also offers the shortest vehicle length in its class, which many customers want for navigating city streets.”

After a thorough investigation into potential replacement models, Ashlock worked with Renegar-Driggers to purchase a new Terex AC 500-2 all terrain crane for the fleet. It was equipped with 396,832 lb (180 tonnes) of counterweight, full 255.6 ft (78 m) luffing jib, sideways superlift and light fixed jib.

This was the first Terex all terrain crane the company purchased for its fleet. “We have Terex rough terrain and tower cranes, so it was not hard for us to switch brands to Terex for an all terrain crane,” comments Ashlock.

Receiving the Terex AC 500-2 crane in late December 2013, Crane Rental wasted no time getting it out in the field. Its first “warm-up” project with the crew was to replace two air conditioning units at a pharmaceutical plant.

On January 7, Crane Rental’s crew with their new Terex all terrain crane were at the plant at 7:30 a.m. for set-up. The crew equipped the boom section with a short 118-ft (36 m) jib to help reach over the side of the building. This was added to the crane’s 183.7-ft (56 m) telescoping main boom section. “It was a straightforward job with easy lifts,” says Ashlock. The crew and crane were off site the same day as move-in.

100 Picks in 30 Hours

The pharmaceutical project proved to be a great break-in job for both the crew and crane, as the next job was more complex and included a greater number of lifts located within an urban area. Crane Rental was called in for lifting assistance to replace the mechanical equipment of an air conditioning unit and its supporting steel structure located atop a 20-story building in downtown Orlando. Since a street adjacent to the building had to be blocked during the project, Crane Rental had only a short period of time to complete the lifts.

The project site was less than a half-hour from Crane Rental’s Orlando facility, so the company sent a crane that could be quickly mobilized. “The AC 500-2 crane easily got to the site and was set up quickly,” explains Ashlock. “It was the perfect fit for the job.”

The crew rigged the all terrain crane with 264,555 lb (120 tonnes) of counterweight. The operator worked with 169 ft (51.5 m) of main boom, and a 216 ft (65.8 m) luffing jib was added, so the crane could position the material where it was needed on top of the building. “It took the crew about six hours to set up the AC 500-2 crane for this lift, which is very good for a crane this size,” adds Ashlock.

Working at a 110 ft (33.5 m) radius, the crane completed approximately 100 picks in less than 30 hours. The lifts ranged from small structural steel for the unit’s supporting structure to a 20,000-lb (9 tonnes) cooling tower.

Ashlock credits the crane’s IC-1 control system with helping complete the picks so quickly. The system stores all of the crane’s lift charts and features touchscreen control with intuitive displays for operating ease, ground pressure indicator and extensive auto-diagnostic functions. “The computer system was a surprise benefit with the crane,” says Ashlock. “It keeps the operator more in tune with the crane and is very user-friendly.”

Within the 30-hour time allotment, the AC 500-2 all terrain crane was set-up, completed its picks and was dismantled for transport. Offering these types of capabilities, Ashlock sees the crane being in the field at least every 10 days, if not more frequently. This includes being the right crane for an upcoming 360,000-lb (163 tonnes) transformer lift project.

“The AC 500-2 is the right size crane for us and our market,” concludes Ashlock. “It is living up to our expectations.”

About the Terex AC500-2 All Terrain Crane

With a carrier just 56-ft (17.1-m) long, the Terex AC 500-2 is the most compact eight-axle crane in its class. A maximum working height of 478 ft (145.8 m) can be achieved with a luffing fly jib. The crane offers enormous power across the full lifting capacity range, through features such as the improved design of the main boom cross-section and the reinforced sideways superlift. The star-shaped outrigger layout helps to provide the stability required for virtually any lift.

Short setup times and the IC-1 control system's ease of use make for safe crane operations and comfortable working conditions. The carefully thought-out drive design of the crane provides outstanding transfer of engine power, yielding excellent performance on both the highway and the jobsite.

About Crane Rental Corporation

Since 1960, the family-owned and operated Crane Rental Corporation, based in Orlando, Fla. has teamed with prominent national contractors to create magnificent cityscapes, industrial plants and theme parks in its hometown, as well as in many major urban centers throughout the United States and Caribbean. Performing lifts ranging in size from 100,000- to 1,000,000-lb (45,360- to 453,592-kg), Crane Rental offers turnkey heavy rigging and hauling services for the commercial and industrial markets. Providing cost-effective solutions that emphasize safety, on-time delivery, efficiency and quality, Crane Rental is well-known for delivering superior service for its customers. For more information on Crane Rental, visit

About Terex

Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms; Construction; Cranes; Material Handling & Port Solutions; and Materials Processing. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information can be found at


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