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German Debut: Bridge Lift with the New Terex® Explorer 5600

All Terrain Crane


ZWEIBRÜCKEN, January 13th, 2014 – In order to make a footbridge that crosses the Ruhr in Olsberg flood-proof, Eslohe-based crane service provider Blüggel moved the bridge to a location that was 60 meters higher on behalf of construction company Eickmann. To do so, Blüggel used its brand new Terex® Explorer 5600 all terrain crane – the very first Explorer 5600 to be used by a German crane service provider.


“This project was our chance to put our new Explorer 5600 to the test,” reports owner Friedrich Blüggel, who in addition took the opportunity to operate the new machine himself. In order to make the lift as fast and cost-effective as possible for the customer, the Terex Explorer 5600 crane was fully equipped and driven in that configuration to the job site so that it would be ready to start working right away. However, the team still had to face a number of challenges at the site: In order to be able to move the crane to its initial position relative to the bridge, they had to put down a series of plastic plates next to the walkway. “On one hand, we were able to create a sufficiently wide path this way. On the other hand, we used the plates to protect the path from damage, as it was not designed to bear that kind of load,” Blüggel explained. Meanwhile, at the crane’s intended location, the team came up against the next challenge: As expected, the ground along the Ruhr’s banks would not be able to bear the load by itself, so steel plates were placed underneath the crane’s outriggers. To do the job, three Blüggel technicians were assisted by three Eickmann employees with wheel loaders.



Terex provides support

As is the norm every time a crane is used for the first time, Terex Cranes dispatched a service technician to the work site in order to assist the customer. “Jens Röttger, the technician sent by Terex, has become an old acquaintance of ours by now. We’ve worked with him on a regular basis for quite a while, and have nothing but good things to say about him. Before this first project with our Explorer 5600 crane, he taught us everything there was to know about the machine for three days and then, on site in Olsberg, provided us with invaluable advice regarding the crane’s configuration,” Blüggel says. The configuration was as follows: A main boom length of 33.4 meters and a 46-tonne counterweight, which meant the crane was perfectly equipped to lift the 29-meter-long, 17-tonne bridge at a radius of approximately 20 meters. The crane’s compact design paid for itself during the lift: While lifting the bridge out, the machine was located right next to a shrubbery with a fence that limited the crane’s turn radius to just under 4.43 meters – however, this was more than enough for the Explorer 5600 crane. As a result, the Blüggel team was able to load the bridge onto a heavy haulage vehicle without a problem. From there, the bridge was taken to its new location, where the Explorer 5600 crane would then set it down safely and with utmost precision on top of the concrete piles that had been set up previously for this purpose.


“One of the main reasons why I decided on the Explorer 5600 was the fact that it could work in tight spaces, as was the case with this project on the Ruhr: It has a width of only 2.75 meters, which makes it as compact as the AC 120 we already had, but it also delivers much greater performance – it’s an enormous leap forward in terms of technology,” says Blüggel. In his opinion this first project proves that it was the right decision.


The Terex® Explorer 5600 all terrain crane

Featuring an all-wheel steering, five-axle carrier with a length of 12.6 meters and a width of 2.75 meters, the Explorer 5600 crane is configured with a 10 x 8 x 10 drive configuration and a 68-meter-long, seven-section boom. Alternatively, configurations with a removable boom, as well as with a transportation dolly, are available for the US, Canadian, Norwegian, Australian, and Japanese markets.

The crane is designed in such a way that its 46-tonne counterweight can be mounted automatically. All additional equipment has a maximum width of 2.5 meters, providing efficient transportation. When the crane is configured with a 16.5-tonne axle load, it has a 21-meter-long, two-section main boom extension on board. The outrigger system has four different available positions and a maximum width of 7.5 meters, providing outstanding flexibility.

One of the key features behind the Explorer all terrain crane is its single-motor design. The engine, provided by Scania, has a rating of 405 kW (550 PS) and complies with Euromot Stage IV and US EPA Tier 4F emission standards. In addition, the crane uses a state-of-the-art engine management system for excellent performance both on the road and when lifting. Fuel efficiency is achieved, on one hand, with the start/stop function in the upper cab and, on the other, with a flexible engine mapping function that adapts to how the machine is being used, whether this be crane operations or traveling on the road.

Together with a wireless remote control, the latest version of the Terex IC-1 touchscreen control system offers safety and efficiency during crane setup and operation. The control system provides operators with accurate and precise load moment and wind speed readings. In addition, the crane is easy to operate even under extremely challenging operating conditions. The system features 14 pre-programmed languages for ease of operation around the world.

The spacious and intelligently laid-out 2.55-meter-wide carrier cab features an ergonomic design and air conditioning to provide high user comfort day in, day out.

A powerful hydraulic system for crane work makes it possible to perform up to four simultaneous operating movements. This is done with two pilot pressure two-axis joysticks, which can be programmed for up to three control layouts.




About Blüggel Krane

Founded by owner Friedrich Blüggel in 1994 with only one single mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 35 tonnes, Eslohe-based Blüggel Krane has quickly developed into a prestigious crane service provider. Today, Blüggel Krane puts a state-of-the-art fleet at its customers’ disposal, with its machinery ranging from cranes with lifting capacities of up to 160 tonnes, including City Class cranes for indoor work, to reach stackers and work platforms. In addition to crane rentals, the company also offers a wide range of additional services, including recovery and towing. The Blüggel team’s enormous flexibility and 24-hour service are two of the most important factors behind the young company’s success.


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