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Meet Some of the Women Behind Terex RT Cranes achieving excellence!

Terex RT Cranes has a team whose passion, competence and curiosity drives them towards achieving excellence in their respective areas. While the manufacturing industry has historically, and in many respects still is male dominated, four females at Terex RT Cranes—Daniela Fattori, Erika Orioli, Maria Sonis and Sabina Piroddi—are united in their passion for cranes and ambition to advance their careers, using their skills and expertise to support the development of the latest technological advancements in the cranes industry.

Passion for the Cranes Industry

Daniela Fattori, Project Manager and Electrical Engineer for RT Cranes enjoys working in the cranes industry, saying that it “has the opportunity to bring a new approach to a very specialized environment, integrating different skills.” Elaborating further, she says she also finds it “satisfying to be able to demonstrate that, in a historically male-dominated context, skills and competences transcend gender.” Erika Orioli, Technical Publications Author explains how working with cranes challenges her mechanical thinking, “Every time I see a crane, I spend time to look and know how it works, where it is, what is the purpose. I am fascinated about cranes because while they differ in size; engineering study, physic mechanisms and new technologies are incorporated.” Maria Sonis, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Design Engineer agrees, “Initially I was fascinated by the size of the crane and I was curious to get on it and try to drive it. Day after day I also understood the complexity of the systems that exist in a crane,”  which is also echoed by Sabina Piroddi, Calculation and FEA Engineer, “I’m fascinated by the majesty of our cranes, by their versatility in the various applications and especially by the operating principle of the telescopic boom.”

Challenging Thinking and Developing Expertise

 The variety of new, technological advancements at Terex RT Cranes has given all four women the opportunity to challenge their thinking and develop their expertise. For Daniela, her latest accomplishment is in the development of the Terex Operating System (TEOS), which now has a new interface to maximise efficient and safe operation and maintenance of Terex RT Cranes. Speaking of the project, Daniela said, “It represents a step into the future for the product we produce.” Erika was pleased to be involved in developing the updated systems and technologies for new TRT series, “In particular, I contributed to the new user manual, ensuring it is easy to read and understand. For me, it was the first time I wrote a crane's user manual, and this helped me learn more about them.”

 Sabina speaks specifically of the TRT 80 crane project, saying “While we developed a new carrier and superstructure that improved the crane’s performance in term of stiffness and stability, I’m most satisfied to have taken in part in the strain gauges measurements on the entire crane; this type of measurements we usually perform at Crespellano site requires a big effort and challenging methodology.

While Maria has been working for Terex for a limited time (since December 2019), she has been immersed in projects during their implementation and assembly phase, which, as she explains, has given her an excellent understanding of how they work.


Linking Everyday Passions to Work

Outside of work, these RT Cranes team members have varied interests, from travelling and reading books, cooking, sport, photography and hiking, to spending time with friends and beloved pets! However, they agree that their personal aptitude and hobbies support them in their jobs. Daniela describes reading and traveling as the best ways to open your mind and learn, similar to engineering, which she says has “the possibility to learn new things and blend them with your knowledge to create something that didn't exist before.” Sabina explains her career route following her natural methodical ability, “I naturally have a practical mindset, hence the choice to do a purely technical job. The decision to do structural calculations arises from the desire to virtually simulate what happens in reality, to prevent the negative consequences that may derive from the breakage of the components. This is connected to my practical sense and my wish to make myself useful towards others that accompanies me in everyday life.”

Thank you to Daniela, Erika, Maria and Sabina for providing an insight to your careers - it is safe to say that Terex RT Cranes benefits greatly from the ideas and perspectives that these four female team members bring to the design and engineering team!

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