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7 Flat Top Tower Cranes at Work in Warsaw for Bliska Wola Tower Construction

A new building will soon enrich the Warsaw skyline. It’s the Bliska Wola Tower, a complex of three modern towers up to 92 metres high located in the Wola district. The facility, owned by J.W. Construction Holding S.A., includes almost 900 flats, 170 hotel apartments and more than 400 office and service premises spaces distinguished by a high standard of finish and extraordinary architecture. On the ground floor there will be a retail and service section and a two-level gastronomic section for restaurants and cafes. Bliska Wola complex is expected to be completed by end of 2021.

7 Terex Flat Top tower cranes are involved in the project, including CTT 91-5, CTT 132-6, CTT 162-8 up to CTT 202-10, provided by Corleonis, the official distributor for Terex tower cranes in Poland.

The cranes involved have a maximum hoisting capacity from 5 to 10 ton, and a jib length up to 65 m. The newest CTT 202-10 can hoist up to a 2.3 ton load at the maximum 65 m jib length. Terex Cranes’ unique Terex Power Plus feature will temporarily allow for an increase of the maximum load moment under specific and controlled conditions by 10%, giving the operator extra lifting capacity during those conditions. The new S-Pace cabin provides a comfortable work experience throughout long shifts.Special climbing collars fix the cranes towers to the sides of the building to allow them to reach the heights required by the towers, up to 27 floors above ground. Terex provided technical support on climbing design and technical calculations through the dedicated Application Engineering department.

“Corleonis is a very important partner for Terex in the Polish market” says Bartosz Irzyniec, Area Sales Leader Terex Tower Cranes. “They have done great job in strengthening the Terex brand's presence in Poland on important project such as Bliska Wola Tower. We are happy to see our cranes helping to shape the most important cities of the world.”


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