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Modern Machinery Appointed as Terex Cranes Distributor

Terex Cranes is pleased to announce the appointment of LLC Modern Machinery Far East as the authorised distributor for the Far East of Russia. Modern Machinery will supply the full range of Terex rugged rough terrain cranes, along with offering genuine spare parts and machinery maintenance throughout the regions of the Russian Far East: Magadan and Sakhalin Regions, Kamchatka Territory, Chukotka Autonomous Region, Oymyakonsky Ulus of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

For almost 30 years, Modern Machinery has been a market leader in the supply, repair and service of equipment to more than a thousand mining, construction, road, port, logging and municipal companies in the Russian Far East. The company is renowned for its back up services and the team take pride in their large fleet of more than 140 technical support vehicles, including mobile workshops for repair in the field, and off-road cars.

The company has 20 service centres with 24-hour support across its distribution area and employs more than 350 service mechanics who regularly undergo training at certified training centres. Additionally, Modern Machinery has constant availability of more than 90% of the in-demand range of original spare parts for the global brands they represent.

Stephan Wijkmans, Regional Sales Manager, Terex Rough Terrain Cranes said, “Modern Machinery is a welcome addition to the Terex Cranes family. Their extensive industry experience and impressive network of service centres means that we can count on them for reliable customer support. Terex Cranes has a wide range of reliable solutions for the lifting industry—this along with Modern Machinery’s excellent reputation across the Far East of Russia will be a huge advantage to the domination of the lifting market in the region. We look forward to a strong partnership in the future.”

Daniil Shafeev, Modern Machinery CEO, said, “Modern Machinery is delighted to work with Terex Cranes to support customers in the Far East of Russia. We had felt that our product portfolio was not fully diversified with lifting equipment, which limited our potential. Currently, we are taking part in the biggest projects in mining and construction industry in our distribution area and planning to increase the volumes of complex support to our customers. The addition of Terex Cranes to our equipment portfolio will enable us to support our customer’s needs as their projects grow. We look forward to providing our customers with Terex Cranes equipment alongside our back up service, which is imperative in this industry.”

For more information on Terex Cranes, visit: https://www.terex.com/cranes/en/  or Modern Machinery, visit: https://www.modernmachinery.ru/

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