Terex Ethics & Compliance Program

At Terex, we are committed to creating and maintaining an ethical business culture, based on the values embodied in the Terex Way; most specifically, with our foundational value of Integrity, which is part of our DNA. At Terex, it is not enough for an action to be legal; it must also be ethical and align with our Terex Way Values.


The Terex Code of Ethics & Conduct

Our Terex Code of Ethics & Conduct: Living our Values (the "Code") is a reflection of what we believe and what we are committed to doing as an ethical and law-abiding business.


Business Practices Advocates

In 2009, Terex implemented a Business Practices Advocates (BPA) program. The objective of our BPA program is to drive responsible business practices at the local level. Our BPAs are advocates, resources, and facilitators for their colleagues. They work directly with their local leadership to identify opportunities to deepen the culture of compliance.


The Helpline

Terex firmly believes that the best way to resolve a concern or ask a question is to raise it. We offer many ways for anyone to make their concerns known. One important avenue that has been in place for nearly two decades is our Terex Helpline. The Terex Helpline is available to anyone to ask a question or report any conduct that may be unethical, inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise contrary to the Terex Code of Ethics & Conduct or the Terex Way Values.

Protecting Human Rights

Standing for human rights is consistent with our Terex Way Values. We care about, respect, and support the fundamental human rights and freedoms of all. Human rights are the basis of an equal, fair, and sustainable society. Protecting human rights is the responsibility of all team members.

We set high standards for our suppliers and expect them to be socially, legally, and ethically responsible. We expect all suppliers who do business with Terex to uphold the human rights, labor, health and safety, environmental, and business ethics practices that are prescribed in our Supplier Code of Conduct and the statement below.

Terex does not manufacture or sell any equipment or services in Russia, directly or indirectly.

Information and Cybersecurity


Data Protection

Terex respects the privacy of its customers, business partners, and team members. Recognizing the need for protection and management of personal information, we are compliant with applicable data protection laws and regulations to ensure that personal data remains safe, Terex business operations are secure, and the rights of individuals are respected. To ensure Company-wide compliance, the Terex Corporation Privacy Policy sets forth our general practices in connection with the collection of personal data, and our Data Protection Policy informs team members on how to protect personal data.


Our commitment to strong governance practices includes ensuring that our cybersecurity practices are aligned with best practices in the industry. We remain steadfast in our commitment to cybersecurity, seeing it not merely as a technical necessity but as an embodiment of our core values. Through the combination of our Terex Way Values and the NIST Framework, we ensure a safer, more secure, and responsible digital future for all stakeholders.

An Engaged, Diverse, and Independent Board of Directors

The Terex Board of Directors is committed to ethical conduct and good corporate governance. Our Board oversees the strategic direction of our Company, promotes the long-term interests of our shareholders, and drives management accountability.

Sustainability Governance at Terex

Our Board of Directors oversees sustainability, including risks, opportunities, and how sustainability informs and influences our Company’s strategy. The Board is updated regularly on many aspects of sustainability, both as a full Board and in committee meetings.

There is More

To learn more about our sustainability strategy, please read our 2023 sustainability report.