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Efficient Aggregate Sorting with MDS trommels

 The design of MDS heavy-duty rock trommels sets them apart as an exceptional choice for the demanding task of sorting and cleaning sizable rocks in quarrying, mining and construction operations. With the capability to process rock up to 800mm at 500 tons per hour on the mobile range, and 1000mm/800TPH on statics, these trommel screens exhibit unparalleled productivity aligned with high efficiency. They can withstand the harsh conditions often encountered on sites, ensuring they remain reliable even in the toughest environments.

MDS trommel screens can thoroughly remove undesirable elements like dirt and stubborn clay deposits from rocks, especially limestone, leaving them perfectly prepared for subsequent crushing. In critical operations such as the production of high-quality Rip-Rap material, our trommel screens outshine conventional scalping screens. Within aggregate production, our units play the vital part of being the primary processing unit, which often take the heavy and harsh feed of up to 40 ton dumps and then directs material onto further scalping screeners or crushers, thereby optimizing the process while also protecting other equipment.

Case Studies


M412 Separating Clay Material

This customer faced a significant challenge in the form of a large quantity of excavated rock and dirt. They needed to transform this material into usable road base.

M412 Processing Demolition Waste

A dealer was challenged when processing demolition waste mixed with solid clay and sticky materials. The presence of large concrete slabs, too sizable for conventional screeners, exacerbated the problem.