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As the demand for our world leading rock trommel screen products continues to surge, so does our requirement for independent 3rd party dealers. Globally, MDS dealers play a pivotal role in delivering the machines and service our end users depend on. In response to the growing demand, we are actively seeking ambitious dealers eager to grow alongside us.

We are on the lookout for Dealers who:

-Demonstrate a passion for developing and expanding their business in collaboration with us
-Can offer our end users unparalleled levels of technical expertise and solutions-based advice
-Possess robust capitalization, backed by substantial financial resources and a strong leadership team
-Have an existing professional organisation with well-trained, qualified personnel or the capacity to develop one
-With a culture that understands that customer satisfaction is the key to long term success

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for the MDS brand, please reach out to us by filling out the provided form, we would be delighted to discuss further.

*Rest assured, all inquiries will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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Why Choose MDS?

With an already robust dealer network spanning the globe, we continue to seek new partners in diverse markets. Our highly specialized products perfectly complement other crushing and screening equipment. MDS Trommels excel at handling tasks that regular screening equipment simply cannot manage, especially when dealing with larger, abrasive, wet, or sticky materials. Our cutting-edge units boast a unique screening mechanism that proves highly efficient in removing clay from rocks, resulting in a consistently sized product like no other.

Given their complimentary nature to other products, our trommels are often utilized as primary units before crushing or screening, making them an ideal addition to any fleet. Traditionally, customers struggle with processing materials using other machines, facing productivity and efficiency challenges. Opting for MDS trommels unlocks the potential to solve material processing difficulties