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recycling mds trommels

Recycling Solutions with MDS trommels

 MDS offers versatile recycling solutions for a wide array of materials. From construction and demolition waste to soils, compost, and various organic substances, MDS trommels are adept at processing them all. Specifically engineered for recycling, MDS trommels offer mobility, making them adaptable for use on recycling sites.

Notably, demolition recycling stands as one of the prime applications of our machines. They excel in the separation of building waste, including bricks, concrete, and topsoil mixed with sand. With an MDS trommel on-site, you can be assured that crucial elements are promptly separated post-demolition, facilitating effective recycling processes.


Case Studies

M412 in Soil Segregation

A customer in the United Kingdom faced a unique challenge on their large site filled with landfill. The site contained a substantial amount of usable rubble trapped within clay, making it difficult to efficiently screen the material straight from the pile.

M412 in Concrete Demolition

A UK recycling yard had no way of regulating the size of material that was being dumped at their site so they used the M412 track trommel to process their concrete demolition waste and provide the perfect solution for the customer to recycle this material.

M412 in Scrap Metal

A customer who manages a scrap metal recycling plant was having issues processing waste metal with their current screening set-up. In this scenario the MDS M412 heavy duty trommel tackled this application with ease and the customer decided to trade in their existing screener and replace it with this unit.