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Online Warranty

At MDS, our goal is to offer the best customer support on the market for the lifetime of your machine. With a dedicated product support team and a complimentary range of digital tools, we are well positioned to keep your machines moving.

Our global network of MDS dealers are committed to supporting every aspect of your operation, from commissioning & servicing equipment helping you improve productivity and lower operating costs throughout the working life of your trommel screen.

To register machine warranty, a commissioning form should be submitted online within seven days of the machine being put into service. The registration process also requires completion of the customer handover form which is available in multiple languages in the warranty section of the customer support area of the dealer portal. The warranty website can be accessed here.


Online and Telephone helpdesk

The Online Technical Helpdesk has ultimately been designed with the aim of making it easier for service representatives to submit enquiries and to monitor the status of their service queries. The key benefits that you will see are as follows:

-All updates and information relating to an issue will be stored in one area.
-You will have full visibility of all your previous issues as well as open requests.
-Ability to log issues 24 hours a day regardless of time zones.
-Within the Customer Support Team, there will be a dedicated Helpdesk with a Team of Technical support Engineers who will be available by phone.

The Online Technical Helpdesk can also be accessed from a link within the Dealer Portal, making it much easier for you to submit a technical enquiry.

The Helpdesk telephone number is available for all dealers and is for use when a staff member is on site in a machine down situation and is in urgent need of a response


Tel: +44 2882 252 999

Hours of operation (UK time)
6.00am – 10pm (Monday – Friday)
8.00am – 1.00pm (Saturday)

Out of Office / On Call Evening
5.30pm – 10.00pm (Monday – Friday)

The out of hours telephone support service is for rapid response and to support field engineers.


Tel: +1 (502) 736 5281

E-mail: mds.sevicehelpdesk@terex.com

Hours of operation (EST time)
07.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Friday)

The out of hours telephone support service is for rapid response and to support field engineers.



At MDS we supply a range of genuine screening parts for use in our heavy duty trommels. When you order a genuine part from one of our dealers, you’re ordering a factory-guaranteed part designed for your exact trommel unit. We are committed to getting the right parts delivered at the right time to our customers. Authentic parts ensure that installations fit into your system and are done according to standard procedures.

parts.terex.com is the online parts catalogue and ordering system providing 24 hour access for dealers to:
• Identify the correct parts and confirm pricing
• Check parts availability
• Place orders

The online parts helpdesk provides you with the ability to log issues 24 hours a day regardless of time zones. All updates and information will be stored giving full visibility of any previous issues and open requests.