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Quarrying case studies MDS heavy duty trommels

Screening Quarry Material with MDS Trommels

The heavy duty rotating drum mechanism of MDS trommels sets them apart as an exceptional choice for the demanding task of sorting and cleaning sizable rocks in quarrying operations. With the capability to process rock up to an impressive 800 tons per hour, these trommel screens exhibit unparalleled efficiency. Having the units as mobile on tracks, it gives quarry operators the freedom to process their material right at the blast sites or overburden areas, hence minimizing hauling of material from main site to processing location.

One of the standout features of MDS trommel screens is their ability to thoroughly remove undesirable elements like dirt and stubborn clay deposits from rocks, especially limestone, leaving them perfectly prepared for subsequent crushing. In critical operations such as the production of high-quality Rip-Rap material, our trommel screens outshine conventional scalping screens, producing high grade product to spec.


Case Studies


M515 Processing Rip-Rap


The MDS M515 provides a solution for a multinational quarry's operations by cleaning up Rip-Rap from dirty veins, after they had tried conventional screens, with no success.

M413 Processing Overburden


A Customer’s quarry in Austria contained a large amount of un-used overburden material that was taking up a large area of the quarry and needed to be processed.

M515 Processing Sticky Limestone


A Limestone quarry in Poland contained a seam of material, heavily contaminated with sticky clay and had been unable to process this previously and needed a new solution.

M515 Processing Limestone


A limestone quarry faced the challenge of meeting very specific state specifications for Rip Rap production while maintaining a high tonnage output.