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At MDS, we are proud to manufacture cutting-edge heavy duty track trommel screens and conveyors. What sets us apart is not just our top-notch innovation across all our products, but the unmatched toughness and durability embedded in every machine we create. We're not just in the business, we're on a mission to keep rocking it every single day.

history at MDS

The MDS story began in 1995 when Liam Murray founded Murray Design Solutions (MDS). Driven by a vision to revolutionise the industry, he set out to engineer solutions that stood out. Liam dreamt of a trommel line that went beyond the ordinary – built not just to last, but to thrive in the harshest environments and tackle the toughest quarried aggregates.

Over the years, the growth trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable, with continuous improvements in manufacturing capabilities and the steady expansion of our dealer network. Acknowledging the immense potential of MDS, Terex acquired the business in July 2021 as the ideal addition to complement Terex’s existing portfolio.


Why Choose MDS?

With an already robust dealer network spanning the globe, we continue to seek new partners in diverse markets. Our highly specialized products perfectly complement other crushing and screening equipment. MDS Trommels excel at handling tasks that regular screening equipment simply cannot manage, especially when dealing with larger, abrasive, wet, or sticky materials. Our cutting-edge units boast a unique screening mechanism that proves highly efficient in removing clay from rocks, resulting in a consistently sized product like no other.

Given their complimentary nature to other products, our trommels are often utilized as primary units before crushing or screening, making them an ideal addition to any fleet. Traditionally, customers struggle with processing materials using other machines, facing productivity and efficiency challenges. Opting for MDS trommels unlocks the potential to solve material processing difficulties