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Available For Models CTT 132-8, CTT 172-8, CTT 202-8, CTT 202-10, CTT 222-10, CTT 292-12 CTT 332-16, CTT 472-20, CTT 561A-20, CTT 561A-32, CTT 721-40, CTLH 192-12, CTL 272-18, CTL 282-18, CTL 340-24, CTL 430-24, CTL 630B-32, CTL 650F-45, CTL 1600-66

T-Link™ is the next generation of Terex Tower Cranes telematics. The T-Link telematics system is the result of an extensive collaboration with our customers. It is designed to meet their challenges and serve them with their day-to-day work. With an internet connection, the system provides accurate, comprehensive information, no matter the size of the fleet.

  • Enables you to manage your fleet anytime and anywhere
  • Allows full access to the crane‘s status, 24/7
  • Increases the efficiency of your fleet
  • Reduces costs
  • Capable of providing both current wind conditions and internet forecasts
  • Interactive map with location services