Biocare Appointed as ZenRobotics Distributor in Sweden

ZenRobotics®, a leading global provider of AI-powered robotic sorting solutions, has recently appointed Biocare as their distributor in Sweden. The collaboration will provide Swedish customers with easier access to the latest robotic sorting technology, backed by Biocare’s established service and support. 

Since 2001, Biocare has been selling, servicing and maintaining mobile crushers and sorting plants that are used by some of the largest Swedish mineral extraction and recycling companies. Biocare has expanded its product portfolio to include ZenRobotics’ waste sorting solutions due to growing demand for efficient waste management solutions. 

“The recycling regulations and market are rapidly evolving, and we must stay ahead of these developments,” said Niklas Johansson, Managing Director of Biocare. “Robotic sorting has already proven to be one of the most vital tools for increasing material recovery and reducing the incineration of raw materials. The new 4.0 upgrade of ZenRobotics robots is particularly impressive, and we are confident this will meet the expectations of our most demanding customers."

 Enhancing Recycling Efficiency 

The introduction of ZenRobotics' advanced robotic sorting systems into Biocare's product lineup will support recycling efficiency across Sweden. The state-of-the-art technology uses artificial intelligence to identify and sort different types of waste materials with accuracy and speed, which maximises material recovery while minimising the amount of waste sent to incineration. This supports eco-conscious consumers in meeting the evolving demands of regulatory bodies that align with Sweden's ambitious environmental goals.

Rainer Rehn, Regional Sales Manager of ZenRobotics, added, "We are excited to work with Biocare in Sweden. We have been active in our neighbouring country for some time, with several deliveries already in place, such as the Carl F system in Malmö and Lundstams Återvinning in Östersund. With Biocare’s extensive customer contacts and insights, we expect to increase the number of robotic units in the market. Biocare's local presence and nationwide after-sales services will also benefit our existing customers."

Comprehensive After-Sales Support 

One of the key strengths of Biocare is its comprehensive and localised after-sales care, which includes prompt and reliable services, training, and customer support. This is crucial for the effective integration of new technologies and supports clients in maximising the benefits of ZenRobotics' technology, maintaining high levels of efficiency and productivity in their operations.

As environmental regulations become increasingly stringent and the demand for efficient waste management solutions grows, Biocare and ZenRobotics will support the future of recycling in Sweden, driving innovation and delivering sustainable solutions that benefit both businesses and the environment.