How to robotize your waste sorting?


Your operations stand to benefit from AI-based sorting, whatever your starting point.

Whether you want to modernize your existing facility with smart robotics or invest in a new fully automated recycling plant, we have you covered. Here are three options for how you can robotize your waste operations, as demonstrated by several operators around the world.


Standalone Solution


Order a fully automated and independent waste sorting station

This turnkey solution is the fastest and easiest way to get all the benefits of AI-powered sorting at a low operation cost. The fully automated sorting station, powered by ZenRobotics Heavy Picker, is totally independent from other operations - meaning it can run unmanned 24/7. It’s flexible and easy to operate, and quickly ready for use.


Retrofitted Solution


Integrate waste sorting robots into your existing facility

This customized solution integrates modern waste sorting robots into existing facilities and their sorting lines. In practice, this means retrofitting a ZenRobotics robot to your current processes to increase efficiency and reduce (or even replace) manual processes. These robots fit right into even demanding surroundings, extending sorting capacity and improving employee safety.




The greenfield solution


Design a new large-scale facility around smart robotics

Investing in a fully robotized industrial scale recycling facility takes waste operations to a new era. You can dramatically increase your sorting capacity while skipping the rigid processes and inefficiencies of conventional facility setups altogether. ZenRobotics is your go-to partner in designing and building your processes around AI-based robotic waste sorting technologies.


Support and maintenance

Our robots are highly intelligent but their maintenance isn’t rocket science - it's robot science! They’re low-maintenance by design so only require some simple cleaning and maintenance to sustain the performance, durability and reliability of the robot. Spare parts are also available quickly on-demand. However, you don’t need to do it all yourself - we also offer a service package that's tailored to each customer's specific needs.



Not sure which solution to choose?

Robotizing waste sorting is always a facility-specific project. If you’re unsure of which option to go for, give us a call, and we’ll find the right choice for you.


Still unsure on how to proceed?

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