Mixed Inert Waste


Get value out of Mixed Inert waste with Heavy Picker

Mixed inert waste can be separated into several sub-fractions with ZenRobotics Heavy Picker, the strongest recycling robot in the world.



Sorting mixed inert waste with ZenRobotics Heavy Picker

With ZenRobotics Heavy Picker, it’s possible to improve the sorting quality of inert waste as the robot can separate waste into desired sub-fractions and remove undesirable objects. Heavy Picker easily sorts materials such as stones, bricks, asphalt, gypsum and concrete – lifting objects weighing up to 30kg.


Output: Value out of mixed inert waste

After sorting your mixed inert waste, you have high-quality fractions that can be crushed or recycled into new high-quality secondary raw materials. On top, you also have a better understanding of your waste sorting process to increase the intelligence of your facility and discover new materials to sort. AI-based sorting with ZenRobotics enables you to reach ambitious circular economy targets, while replacing hazardous manual processes.



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