Welcome to the era of waste-driven companies


Humankind is facing a global resource shortage. That's an alarming fact to which consumers, employees, companies and regulators are reacting to. At the same time, there is a major source of new circular raw material just waiting to be used in full scale - and our customers are sitting right on it.



As a company, we're against wasting resources and all in for giving the highest value to waste. Industrial automation has elevated various industries to new heights, using data as the fuel. ZenRobotics has led a similar shift in the waste management industry since 2007 and it's starting to pay dividends.

Today, the race to turn waste into clean raw material is fully on. We see waste operators become more data and robotics driven. We see companies across the board turning their waste streams into new revenue streams. All are meeting and exceeding ambitious recycling rates and other circular economy goals. The pace of this positive development is ramping up and we're on the eve of a new, more circular era.


We call it the era of waste-driven companies

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