The more you sort, the smarter your robots become

ZenRobotics has harnessed AI to increase waste sorting efficiency. Our own software goes under the name ZenBrain, referring to its highly advanced recognition ability and autonomous decision-making.

To increase your waste intelligence:




Key facts

Over 500 waste categories trained

Versatile AI and sensor technologies

Autonomous real-time decision making

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Know your waste and learn new tricks with AI

ZenBrain makes waste sorting robots smart – they learn tricks that wouldn't be possible for you. The system will learn on the go, and can be trained to adapt automatically to your changing waste sorting needs. It not only takes care of your current sorting needs, but also helps you take in new materials and discover new recyclables to sell.


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ZenBrain has already trained 500+ categories - and it's only getting smarter

Introduce a versatile approach to handling fractions with ZenBrain: improve the quality of existing fractions, divide them into new sub-fractions and effortlessly train the system for new fractions.

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