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Get more value out of waste with ZenRobotics. We have been serving frontrunning recycling companies since 2007, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate waste sorting and make outdated, inefficient and unsafe manual sorting a thing of the past with safe sorting robots.

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Your operations stand to benefit from AI-based sorting, whatever your starting point.

Whether you want to modernize your existing facility with smart robotics or invest in a new fully automated recycling plant, we have you covered. Here are three options for how you can robotize and automate your waste operations, as demonstrated by several operators around the world here

Standalone Solution

Fully automated and independent waste sorting station

Retrofitted Solution

Integrate waste sorting robots into your existing facility

Greenfield Solution

Design a new large-scale facility around smart robotics

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ZenRobotics has the right robot for every sorting need. The Heavy Picker for bulky waste like C&D, the Fast Picker for light packaging waste and an all might industrial AI with more than a decade of experience from recognising and sorting high quality recyclables from around the world.


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Waste Types

ZenRobotics can handle diverse waste streams.

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Meet Our Robots

Our robots are helping operators in 15+ countries worldwide to extract higher value out of waste, get actionable data and reach ambitious circular economy goals.

Heavy Picker

For heavy and bulky waste materials

Fast Picker

For lightweight waste materials


The AI inside our robots

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Latest News

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Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics Confirm New Distributors at ConExpo 2023

Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics have strengthened their presence across North America following a successful ConExpo 2023, which saw the brands confirm three new distributors: Powerscreen of California, Frontline Machinery and Voghel. All three will represent the full range of Terex Recycling Systems’ modular recycling solutions and ZenRobotics’ Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based waste recycling robots for their respective territories. These new appointments have been made following the recent amalgamation of the sales teams for Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics, highlighting the synergies within the two businesses that the new distributors can take advantage of for their customers.

Powerscreen of California

Powerscreen of California was established in 1986 and is the West Coast of America’s leading equipment distributor for the aggregate processing, quarrying, mining, recycling, washing, or the environmental industries. The company has deep sector and equipment knowledge and has established long-term, personal relationships with their customers. Operating in the States of California, Nevada and Hawaii, Powerscreen of California will be the official dealer within these states for Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics. Garry McConn, President, Powerscreen of California says, “The addition of both Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics is a big step for our business as we continue to grow our product portfolio to offer a complete machinery solution to our customers. As Terex brands, we know that both additions will provide innovative and reliable products for our customers. The addition of sophisticated recycling systems and robotic solutions will further enhance the value we can offer customers as they strive to achieve greater operational efficiency.”


Frontline Machinery

Frontline Machinery is a Canadian and family-owned business, dedicated to bringing the best heavy equipment to construction, mining, quarry, and biomass applications. They will represent Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. “We are excited to be officially appointed as a Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics distributor. This newly formed partnership gives us the ability to offer our customers an ever-expanding range of world-class waste and recycling processing equipment,” says Daryl Todd, President of Frontline Machinery. “The solutions and technologies provided by Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics align perfectly with our current portfolio and will provide us additional opportunities to support the growing demands of the waste and recycling management industry.”


Voghel, a well-established supplier of heavy equipment since 1996, stands out for the depth and responsiveness of its team of technical experts and the unprecedented availability of parts in inventory. They will represent Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Pascal Gosselin, Vice President – Business Development of Voghel explains, “Our mission is to provide our customers with reliable equipment and innovative technologies that add value. So, every day, our team makes itself an accomplice to their success by offering custom solutions, access to a large inventory of parts and an outstanding customer service."


Speaking about these appointments, Marcel Vallen, Sales Manager of North America Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics says, “In the next 10 years, stationary recycling systems are expected to grow more than double compared to the mobile recycling equipment. Selling affordable and modular recycling systems, with the latest cutting-edge technologies, is what customers across the North America are looking for. Every operator knows how important it is to have local sales, service, and parts support. Thanks to a well-established relationship with other Terex brands, Powerscreen of California, Frontline Machinery and Voghel are well placed to seamlessly integrate Terex Recycling Systems & ZenRobotics into their operations. They are great partners to have and are essential to our success in the North American market. We’re also looking to add more distributors in the US soon; and advise any interested distributor to get in touch.”

For more information on Terex Recycling Systems and ZenRobotics in North America visit: https://www.terex.com/recycling & https://www.terex.com/zenrobotics  or contact Marcel Vallen, Sales Manager of North America, Terex Recycling Systems & ZenRobotics: marcel.vallen@terex.com / 720-557-7328.